N420 Journal Entry 7

I think my presentation the other day went really well except for a few notable issues. Beth was very up front with me that I talked to fast and because of which, some of the information was lost in translation. I have always tended to ramble too much and I really did not anyone to take away from the presentation that I was dissatisfied in some way because, that is really not the case. For my new presentation I have decided not to talk as much as I did originally. Instead, over spring break I created two separate videos. One is a highlight reel that shows what my production group has done so far. The other video showcases the test shots that I have shot so far for the short film. I am really looking forward to how the presentation goes. Questions 1

Questions 2

Questions Rated
Questions Rated

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Journal Entry 6

I think the thing I learned most when starting the Golden Circle exercise was that I needed a new word. I quickly arrived to this conclusion in class when first presenting my word. I decided to change my word to Interaction. I think arriving at this point helped me greatly with showing me why I am doing this story and why it is relevant today. I think I have made really good progress with my project so far. After I have submitted it to the class, I will jump into preproduction with filming beginning in the summer, and post production taking place in the last few months before capstone. After capstone I am going to move to LA and give myself 7 years to make it in Hollywood.

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N420 Journal Five One Word


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N420: Journal Entry 4

In class I was partnered with Sean Bullock, to discuss his idea for his capstone.

Shawn is planning to create two comics in a series called, “A Story Untold.” The comics are set in feudal Japan. Each comic is told through the perspective of waring Ronin warriors. The first comic will tell of how one Ronin got into a fight with another Ronin. The other comic will be in the perspective of the other Ronin.   The Ronin’s are morally ambiguous characters, which will add an extra sense of drama to the comic. Shawn is also planning on taking the comic after completion and running it through Adobe After Effects, so he can also present it digitally along with print.

Shawn did not have all the details of his project, which he expects to have ready for Capstone presentations in December of this year. Even with that in mind, I am excited to see what Shawn comes up with, as he is a very talented artist.

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N420: Journal Entry 3

For the 7 p’s my project did not change much from the inception of it. I think my ways of thinking are getting different with all the work on starting my own business. If I would have done the 7p’s today, I definitely would have shortened the length. I think 20 minutes is just a little too unachievable with the limited equipment I have access to. I think it’s very hard to plan 20 minutes of professional video content, especially at this stage. At ten minutes, the video would be able to be planned and shot much easier. But, the main reason is that it is way easier to make ten minutes professional than twenty.

I don’t think I’ve lost any of the passion from the project however. I feel like I have a strong story. It is one I have to develop into a full script but, it is coming along. I wish I had more help on the project but, at this stage it would be hard to ask for anyone’s advice without them trying to completely changing the idea.

But, then again maybe I need to fall out of love with my idea and come back to it with a new perspective. I don’t want to be a dinosaur always sticking to the same old ideas, when there is something new and exciting that I didn’t even know about. But, I guess you are always taking that chance but, it definitely scares me.

My whole way of thinking is undergoing a transformation. I am pursuing every idea that gets me to a movie. This capstone is one of those plans. A ten minute short film that is put on kickstarter is just one of those ideas of the few that I am currently working on. The only main concern I have at this point is working myself to death but, eh, life’s too long anyway.

My project excites me though. That’s what is driving me, a long with all the other projects I am working on. I love what I do. Every day is a challenge. With that in mind, this project is the thing I went to college be able to do.

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N420: The 7 P’s

Purpose: To demonstrate professional technical ability is the biggest purpose of my project as well as telling a story. This project is for my peers and also to be used as self promotion.

Product: It will be a 20 minute short film which is the best way that I can think of at the time to demonstrate both technical and storytelling abilities.

People: Many people will be needed for the project to be successful. Many of the key people I will need I have already gathered through the course of school. People will be involved as crew members, actors, and production help.

Process: For this project I need a ton of equipment, using both the school’s and also my own. The film would require at least the course of a semester to complete. Locations will have to be scouted for filming.

Pitfalls: There are many factors with a production of this size. If things were not to work out I have thought of filming commercials for local businesses.

Prep: There is a whole preproduction step involving the creation of a script, storyboards, and even things like creating a budget. Casting and talent gathering sessions will also have to be scheduled.

Practical Concerns: If the preproduction is not executed in the correct way the project will be doomed and the backup plan will have to become the main project.

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N420: What I Learned In Class Today

Like discussed in class, there wouldn’t be much to take out of this initial meeting of the class. It is interesting to know what other people are looking to do for their capstones. I did learn that N420 is no longer a pre-capstone class but, that’s not a bad thing at all to me. I’m looking forward to learning more the rest of the semester.

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